5 Things To Avoid Online

There are several mistakes and pitfalls that await people who want to learn how to make money online. Most of these mistakes are made because a new marketer hasn’t learned what to avoid. I will uncover a few of these pitfalls, some of which can be outright scams.

5 Things To Avoid

“I Made $2341.93 The First Hour”

Many new marketers will be sucked-in by slick sales letters that promise overnight riches. While you can make a great deal of money online, it is not going to happen “instantly”. Don’t keep buying one thing after another promising you a “magic bullet” to online wealth. You can learn ways to automate your income and marketing, but first you need to learn the basics, and stick to a proven model. This is very important – you need knowledge, not overpriced hype.

“10,000 Hits”

Once you have your own website or affiliate link you are trying to promote, you will see and be tempted by websites promising thousands of hits to your site in a few days or weeks. While you may actually get these hits, most of the time it is from people who are not remotely interested in your product. Here’s what I mean – the hits were delivered in a pop-up on unrelated sites, or by expired domain traffic that is nearly worthless. Worst-case, the hits are made by a site visiting “robot” script. Save your money.

“Rank #1 On Google In A Week”

This sounds great, but there is a catch. You don’t get to pick the exact keywords you will rank for. You will tell them what you are marketing, and the keywords you rank for will be what is known as “long tail” keywords. Instead of number one position for “Golf Clubs”, you will see your site ranked for “Selecting The Best Golf Club For A Low Score” You might be on top of the search engine when someone searches for that specific term, but you might only get one or two hits a month. You don’t need to pay someone for that.

“Search Engine Submission”

Don’t waste money on sites that promise to submit your site to 1000 search engines. There are only a few top search engines that get almost all of the visits when people want something. The top search engines all have what are known as “Spiders” or “Bots” that “Crawl” the internet. These bots automatically search and find new websites on the internet. It might take a few weeks to find a new site, but it will be found. If you like, you can submit your site once manually to the major search engines, but it is not needed. Don’t pay anyone to do this for you.

“Make $500 An Hour With Surveys”

Online surveys can actually be a pretty good way to make money online if you like them. But, what I have seen, is websites charging large amounts to provide only lists of survey companies. Often, you buy-in to this, and all you get is a bunch of marketing fluff. All the major survey companies are free to join, and they won’t fill your inbox with junk. Good companies can be hard to separate from the baloney out there, however. Check out the TopPaidSurveys database for a list of all the best paid survey companies I use myself.

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Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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