5 Ways To Promote Survey Affiliate Links

Promote Survey Affiliate LinksIf you are here, my guess is you already know that many survey companies offer you cash incentives when you refer others to join. You can make from .50 to 5.00 dollars and more for getting others to sign up, and some sites reward you money every time one of your referrals completes a survey. But the problem is, you may not know how to promote survey affiliate links.

You can directly promote your survey affiliate links to make money with these programs, but it can be easier and you might achieve higher traffic and conversions by creating your own sites. These would be pages you create that might review or introduce a survey company and give readers direction on how to join at the survey website.

Promote Survey Affiliate Links

1.) Review Website

You can do a review site that gives a detailed review of the survey company you’re promoting. Review sites are more generally perceived to be authorities on the products and services they’re reviewing, so, creating these types of websites could help add to your credibility in the market.

One good tip when reviewing is to remain unbiased. You should not only mention the benefits, but you should also point out any minor flaws as well. Once you have shown your honesty, the reader’s skepticism will decrease and they then can focus on the positive aspects of the offer. But remember, that the benefits should always greatly overcome any minor flaws, or the survey company would not be worth promoting in the first place.

If you don’t have good hosting and domain (or don’t like to shed money before seeing returns), you may want to try posting your review using a free blog like WordPress.com or Blogger. com. More detailed information on this fairly simple process can be found at Create Your Own Blog. Search engines give more weight to these content-sharing sites, so you have better chances of ranking higher for keywords you optimized your reviews for. Just remember to give valuable content as well, and you’ll be regarded as a trusted source of information in the survey niche.

2.) Blog and Forum Posting

Another free way to promote your survey links is to post at forums or leave well written, pertinent comments at relevant blogs. In your signature (sig) file that you leave at the end of forum posts, you could put an invitation to visit your site for more information, or invite users to download your free report. Drop that link. Be sure to leave you website URL when you comment on blogs, as well.

Make sure you read the rules and observe if other posters are including their sig files. If you found that they don’t allow sig files, find other forums that do. Don’t waste your time on forums that don’t provide any reciprocal benefits for your efforts at generating free content for them.

Once you found some good forums to post to, make sure you contribute first. Give advice, establish yourself as a go-to person, and make several helpful posts before you include your sig file. And when posting at blogs, first read the article and then compile a cogent response that the blog author would be happy to include on his or her blog. Don’t do the hit and run thing where you offer no valuable commentary, and never, ever, use automated programs to send the same generic response to hundreds of blogs. Tacky.

3.) Don’t Forget Squeeze Pages

Listbuilding is crucial if you’re planning to establish a relationship with people in a target market and eventually want to communicate and promote to them long-term. When you collect subscribers through a squeeze page, (or even a small signup form) you can follow up as many times as you want.  That’s the beauty of it.

To capture subscribers, what you can do is create an e-course or short report or product related to helping people find good survey companies, and use that as a “bribe” to get them to join your list. You need to use a reliable autoresponder to collect your list names and email addresses with a signup form they will provide, and then to schedule followup emails and help you comply with regulations.

If you don’t have the time to create the “bribe” or the budget to outsource the task, you might search or ask various merchants if they have a rebrandable report you can give away. Or you could ask permission to use another noted person’s articles in your promotion. You might then compile the articles into an e-course or report, and use that as the incentive to get targeted visitors to subscribe.

4.) Social Media

I can’t think of an easier way to get your survey links out to the world than with social media, especially if you already have a large following. Whatever your favorite sites are, there are many ways to provide fun and creative means to share your links and great content at the same time. This is the best way to engage with people so they will want to click on your links every time! There are so many social media sites, the possibilities for sharing your survey affiliate links are endless. Seriously, if you want your link out there, research the abundant number of social media sites available at a click.

5.) Fan Pages

In addition to posting your survey links at your favorite social media sites, be sure to take advantage of the Facebook fan pages. The audience reach on these pages is surprising, as it extends across the platform to users outside of your circle of friends. With a few steps, just create the page and start sharing, you will soon see visitors coming from everywhere. You can post your links, do reviews, converse with like-minded people, integrate the page with your blog or website and get lots of likes and shares in no time.

If you wanted, you could try promoting your main website or fan page through Facebook ads, or even Bing or Google but I would be careful with the cost and would first try to find free trials and first-time offers for these services to avoid paying more than you might make in return.

To make money with your survey affiliate link, all you need to have is a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of online marketing and take consistent action on what works. Once you grasp the basics and apply them, making money from it consistently can be as easy as pie!

Wishing you online success,

Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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