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Most top online marketers will tell you, “The money is in the list”. There is a reason for this, it’s true! An email list with thousands of potential customers waiting to hear from you is a veritable goldmine. I would like to offer some tips on how you can get started building your own email list today.

First, you need to create your own blog or website. This can be done quickly and easily just follow the link above.

You Need an Auto Responder

An auto responder is an automated online system of sending email messages. Your messages are pre-loaded into the auto responder, and sent out on a time schedule you set. The auto responder is essential to build a list and send email messages automatically, without delivering spam.

Sent email can be automatically personalized for each member of your list, to include the subscriber’s name or other information. The auto responder is a must have tool for online success because potential customers might have to see your offer several times before they consider buying your product. There are many good companies that offer low-cost auto responder service.

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The Opt-In Form

Wait, something is missing, it’s your opt-in form where the visitor inputs a name and email address. The opt-in form is used together with your email autoresponder to deliver information after a visitor confirms his or her email address. The autoresponder then sends out the follow-up emails or a link to get access to a product or service. Your autoresponder company will give you a code to put on your website that will display the opt-in form.

If you use a squeeze page for your opt-in form, it should have a “shocking” headline, and show the benefits of your product in a bulleted list. You need to show the benefits and not the features. Offer a solution to a problem. Give something good away as incentive for people to sign-up to your list.

You should begin building the relationship with your subscribers from your very first email. Be sure to offer good content to keep your subscribers interested. You might also give them an incentive to stay by offering free items, coupons or special deals from time to time.

The sooner you start building your own email list the faster you will increase your profits. Follow the tips above to find out why, “The money is in the list”.

Wishing you online success,

Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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