Cash Paying Survey Sites

Cash Paying Survey Sites
Have you been looking for cash paying survey sites? If so, you know that many survey companies only reward members with gift cards, merchandise or sweepstakes entries. Many people want cash to help pay off bills and other items. Your electric company won’t accept a gift card!

I would rather use cash paying survey sites above all the others, simply because nothing beats getting a check in the mail just for taking easy surveys. Plus, getting paid cash saves you time not having to redeem cards or prizes.

Cash Paying Survey Sites

Sometimes you may not know whether a survey site pays cash until you sign up. Even then some places make it hard to figure out how you will get paid. Try reading their FAQ’s.

Since I mostly use cash paying survey sites, I have looked for the best ones since I started taking paid surveys online. Listed below are some survey sites that have paid me cash reliably.

My Opinion NowMy Opinion Now

You can convert your points to cash when you reach the $20.00 level. They have an awesome A+ rating with the BBB, a good referral program plus, you get 1000 points just for signing up.



American Consumer OpinionAmerican Consumer Opinion

Here we have a simple points conversion system where 100 points equals $1.00. Members can receive a check in their country’s own currency at $10.00 (1000 points). ACOP also offers payment through PayPal. They also pay for the pre-qualifying survey screeners.



Survey SavvySurvey Savvy

This one is my favorite among the cash paying survey sites. The only payment method is by check but you can get paid after the first survey. There is no cash out threshold.



Vindale ResearchVindale Research

While they offer some of the highest paying surveys, some consider the pay out threshold a little high. The minimum amount needed to get your payment is $50.00 or £25.00 in the U.K. by check or PayPal.



Palm ResearchPalm Research

Once you reach $10.00 your account is automatically scheduled for payment. Again, you can choose online payments or delivery by mail to get your money.



HCD SurveysHCD Surveys

We have another points system similar to American Consumer Opinion where 100 points equals $1.00. Cash out is at $10.00 by check only.



MindField OnlineMindField Online

You can convert your points to cash when you reach the $20.00 level. They have an awesome A+ rating with the BBB, a good referral program plus, you get 1000 points just for signing up. – See more at:

You can request a check when you earn $20.00. Or, you can cash out with as little as $5.00 if you link them with your your Facebook account. Mindfield is a member in good standing with all the top market research associations.


These are some of the more popular and trustworthy cash paying survey sites. I can certify that they are all reliable when it comes to sending out checks. It does take longer to get your money in the mail though. The longest I’ve waited for processing and delivery was about eight weeks.

If you want to take online surveys and get paid cash for it, try the sites I have listed above. These are really the only ones I use because they are the best cash paying survey sites.

Wishing you online success,

Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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9 thoughts on “Cash Paying Survey Sites

  1. Hey Ludwig!
    Thanks for dropping by my website, you’ve asked me to come by and here I am!
    You have referenced a lot of cash paying survey websites that I did not know about; time to do some quizzing! Looking to hear from you again, and thanks for sharing this great post.

  2. Hey Ludwig. I wanted to ask you one thing. Why didn’t you mention the Global Test Market site? I’ve heard it’s the most famous one. Is it true? Also, which one do you think pays the quickest and highest for surveys? Please help!

    • Hello, Mrs.Garza.
      Both Cash Crate and Treasure Trooper are legitimate cash paying survey sites.
      But, it is easier to make money with them by completing their paid offers as opposed to their cash paying surveys.
      For me, I would rather take surveys for cash than complete offers.
      Thanks for commenting!
      P.S. I like your email address. Rock On.

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