Paid Surveys At Home

Paid Surveys At Home

Paid Surveys At Home

Several years ago, I started taking paid surveys at home so I could make extra money and spend more time with my family. With so many survey sites to choose from, I spent months finding the highest paying survey sites. I wanted to make real money with paid surveys.


Paid Surveys At Home – What To Look For

What do you want in a website when looking for the best paid surveys to take at home? How do you make the most money starting right away? I have a few tips.

I prefer to use survey sites that have a cash payment system. I don’t like fooling around with contest entries or prize give aways. I like to get paid with a check through the mail. Points systems are ok as long as they convert easily to cash.

Of course you want to find the companies that will give you the most opportunities to do paid surveys from home. You want to do a lot of surveys every week to make money. Use at least five good paying sites to get better results.

Keep an eye out for the larger incentives. I was writing on another post how surprised I was over a $100.00 phone interview invitation from SurveySavvy. Be sure to fill out all your profiles with each site to become eligible to receive more paid surveys at home.

It is nice to use paid survey sites that have a lower cash out threshold. Most of the sites I use will allow payment when you reach $10.00. You don’t want to have to build up a huge amount before you can get paid.

Lastly, beware of the tricks and scams surrounding the online paid survey industry. Some places will charge you $40.00, get all your information and then spam you relentlessly. Be especially wary of sites wanting bank information. Legitimate survey sites won’t ask for this. There are even one or two fake survey sites sending out phishing emails involving dubious check cashing schemes.


American Consumer Opinion

A very trustworthy survey company is American Consumer Opinion. I have used them for several years, and they always pay in a timely manner. A+ rating at the B.B.B.


Some Tips

The first thing you should do before signing up to take surveys at home is open a new email account strictly for your paid surveys. This makes it much easier to find and do your surveys. It can also help you to weed out the junk email.

Bookmark all your survey websites together in one folder. Bookmark the login pages to save yourself some time. Stay logged in if you are on a private computer.

Check each site you join to make sure you meet the minimum age requirement. Be sure they accept members from where you live and that you can get paid in your country’s currency. Keep track of all your cash payments for tax purposes.

How do I Start

Simply use the easy form below the comments box or visit the sign-up page to register for top paid surveys and start making money right away. In no time at all you will be taking paid surveys at home!

Wishing you online success,

I Stand Behind My Top Paid Surveys

Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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