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Palm Research earns their Four stars by way of the multiple Daily Studies they offer members. Cash-out with PayPal to get your money faster.

Having been a member with the online survey panel Palm Research for several months now, I have gathered enough information to write a thorough Palm Research review. Like many other survey sites, Palm Research gets wildly varying reviews and comments from people depending on the time frame and where you look. I had to get to the bottom of it all.

Palm Research Review

Palm Research is based in the United States, out of the San Diego, California area. They started up their online business in early 2009. I have recently begun to recommend the site as one of the best international survey sites, which can be harder to find. All you have to do is choose your country of residence from the drop down box on the sign-up page.

One thing that prompted me to write this Palm Research review, is the system they use to deliver surveys. They have Nine survey routers and counting, which allows them to offer plenty of daily studies to the membership. No more waiting around for an email invitation, just log in to your account and click on a survey. Sometimes you may not qualify, but the system will find other surveys for you if that happens.

Palm Research schedules automatic payments each month for members if their account balance has reached $10.00 or more. They offer payments with a check by mail or you can choose to be paid through PayPal for electronic payment delivery. In common with many other survey sites, expect payment to arrive in 6-8 weeks. Electronic payment can help speed up the process a bit.

Palm Research Review


While compiling information to give an honest Palm Research review, you can rest assured I came across a number of complaints. People can be quick to write-up a complaint if they don’t get the results they are looking for. I wanted to find out the real deal.

Most of the problems I read about occurred in early 2009, soon after the company’s launch. There were some problems with member payments, which can happen with a new system. The co-owner of the company, in most cases, personally engaged with the member lodging the online complaint to help solve any issues he or she had. I have been in direct contact with the co-owner of Palm Research and I know there is a real person behind the site and he cares about its members.

I will rate Palm Research at a high Four stars for now, due to the fact that you can take a survey for cash pretty much any time you want. If any problems should arise, I will be sure to let you know right after I update this Palm Research review.

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