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After receiving my first Survey Savvy payment check for $200.70, I can now write a thorough Survey Savvy review. I like to get a payment first to see how smoothly things go before I write a review on any survey company. The Survey Savvy cash out process took minutes and I got my check in the mail in a little over three weeks. Below is a picture of the check I got on January 14th.


Survey Savvy Check


Survey Savvy Review

Survey Savvy Review
Survey Savvy is an online survey company started in 1999 by parent company Luth Research. Luth Research was founded in 1977 and is based out of San Diego, California. Survey Savvy is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau since 1993 and currently maintains an A+ rating with them. They have over two million members in hundreds of countries, so they also make the list of International Survey Sites. The company has paid out tens of millions to its members since inception.

It is easy to sign up if you have access to the internet and an email address. You must also be over the age of 14. Once you confirm your membership with them you will be given a member “portrait” to fill out which will help you to qualify for more surveys.

Soon after joining, you will begin to receive email invitations for online surveys. Most often you will be asked to answer a few screening questions to see if you qualify for the survey. If you do not qualify you will get an entry into the monthly cash drawing for fifty $10.00 prizes. Each survey pays from about $1 – $50 depending on length and topic. There are occasional screenings for “online communities” which pay very well. They also hold contests with a $500.00 prize from time to time.

While writing this Survey Savvy review, I realized that Survey Savvy is, in my opinion, the best paid survey site around right now. They offer a plentiful number of surveys, and have a great patented referral program where as a member, you earn cash when you, your referrals or their referrals complete surveys, which is great. I also like their superior payment method. No “points system” means all incentives are in cash with no points conversions needed. There is a One Dollar minimum payout threshold and you can cash out any time. The payment is in U.S. dollars with a check by mail in 4-12 weeks.

Survey Savvy
Before sitting down to write a Survey Savvy review, I had to do some research to ensure accuracy. One thing I found out about is something called Savvy Connect. This is a lightweight application for your computer that will give you direct access to additional surveys. If you decide to try it, installation takes just a minute or two and you can opt-out and remove the app with one click at any time. They won’t try to sell you anything or serve up advertising. Any data they aggregate is completely anonymous and they respect private browsing. I even got $20.00 extra to try it out.

In common with other legitimate survey sites, Survey Savvy is serious about user privacy. They will never share or sell your information and they won’t send you spam or unwanted email. In fact, the only emails I get from them are survey invitations. Remember, like any other type of self-employment in the United States, if you make over $600.00 in one year, you will be provided a 1099 form for tax purposes. Right now, Survey Savvy gets my highest rating of five stars. If anything changes, I will be sure to let you know and quickly update my Survey Savvy review.

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Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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