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I like Vindale Research for their good cash paying surveys. The cashout threshold is a little high, though.

I have now learned enough to write a complete Vindale Research review for my readers, having participated with the site for several months up to this point.

I wanted to investigate Vindale Research because most of the online survey reviews I have read about them were conflicting. Some good, some bad. I had to sign up and see for myself before I could do this Vindale Research review.

Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research has been around longer than many other online survey sites. Longevity and reliability are always a major plus for any company. They are free to join just like all the legitimate survey panels.

Another reason for writing this Vindale Research review was to find out if you really can make as much as $75.00-$120.00 for their highest paying surveys.

To date, I have not seen a paid survey from them that paid out more than $40.00. But, like I said before, I have only been a member for a few months. More important in qualifying more often is to finish all the profile surveys. These also pay some cash. I will keep you updated on the highest paying survey I see.
Vindale Research Review

I like the fact that they do not use a points system. Your earnings are displayed in cash. You can get paid by check or through PayPal, but the $50.00 cashout threshold is a little high.

To write a thorough Vindale Research review, I had to try all the types of surveys they offer. I wanted to find out what surveys paid the most and how to find them quickly.

The “My Surveys” tab has the higher paying survey links. Most of these are product reviews. usually you will get paid and get to keep the product too. Many of these offers require you to have a credit card. Some people choose not to do these surveys.

Vindale also has daily studies under the “My Studies” tab. These are short surveys paying from $1.00-$5.00 but I have seen a couple for $10.00. You can take as many as five of these surveys per day. The system will keep finding you surveys to qualify for.

One more way to make money with Vindale Research is to allow the “Reward Mail” feature. This will send you occasional emails on featured products. All you have to do is click on the link to make some cash.

Overall, I am pleased with Vindale Research. Although I have heard one or two complaints regarding the cashout process, this does not seem to be the case so far. I give them four stars and will inform you of any problems when I update the Vindale Research review.

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