Work From Home Surveys

Did you ever want to work from home? As a father of three great kids, I wanted to find a way to reduce myWork From Home Surveys hours at work and spend more time with them. I decided to try to make some extra money online. One of the first things I came across was a website proclaiming, “Work From Home and Take Surveys”. I decided to give it a try. It was difficult at first to separate legitimate survey sites from the fee based survey lists and email collecting spammers. But, I stuck with it and soon started to make extra money from home taking surveys.

Work From Home Surveys

To be sure, if you want to work from home, surveys are the fastest and easiest way to begin making money online. There are also other methods, but you need to be aware of misleading websites offering things like “typing jobs” that are really only affiliate marketing sites. The only typing you will be doing is writing ads for a product to sell. Then, you will have to PAY to post the ads on advertising networks like Google Adwords and hope to get some sales before your budget runs out. Always try to investigate new online opportunities and be wary of paying fees up front or giving out sensitive personal information like social security or bank account numbers.

Before you start to take work from home surveys you will surely be wondering how much money you can make. Most surveys from reputable survey sites pay from one to twenty dollars depending on length. More involved and time consuming surveys should pay more. The most I have seen is $100.00 for an in depth telephone survey lasting about one hour. Realistically, you should expect to make up to $500.00 a month if you are a member of at least ten quality survey sites. Of course, this amount can increase dramatically if you create your own blog in order to make money with survey referrals. You can generate income on autopilot day and night with a good system of referring others. Visit the links above for information on how to go about doing this.


If you want to make the most working from home taking surveys, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, is that you will need to join several quality survey sites, as each will only send you a few invitations per week. Always do some research before joining, read some paid surveys reviews to get some recommendations and check the sites credentials with organizations like CASRO and the BBB. Read the terms and frequently asked questions to find out if they pay cash or only give rewards. If they pay cash, see if they use PayPal, check or gift cards. Make sure they accept people from your country and if you meet the minimum age requirements.

Finally, I would warn you about “Paid To” websites claiming to be survey sites. While you can make money with these types of companies, it can take much longer and you may have to purchase items to get a rebate posted to your account. When joining a new survey site, be sure the cash out threshold isn’t too high. Anything over $20.00 is too much in my opinion. I am also not a fan of companies where your credits “expire” and are removed from your account after 90 days. It is OK to try new sites, but just move on if you don’t like the way they operate, or if you don’t get enough surveys to make it worthwhile. Some places simply don’t work well for everyone. Follow my advice and you can make good money with work from home surveys.

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Author: Ludwig E. ParkerLudwig E. Parker

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