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Everything's free and you won't pay me a cent.

  • How will I get paid?

    I like to deal with cash paying survey companies. Those are the types I will recommend to you. They will pay you directly by check or paypal. A few panels will pay by gift certificate (Amazon, Visa, Etc.).
  • Why do these companies pay me to fill out surveys?

    Corporations invest billions per year on marketing, and they pay market research firms millions to find out what the people want. You will be having an impact on the products and services companies offer to the public.
  • Why do you do this for free?

    Market research firms value your opinion so much, that they will pay to find you. I get paid a commission by them to find panelists. (I show you how to get paid to do the same thing when you sign up).
  • How much will I make?

    You won't make millions doing this, but if you need a way to make a few hundred extra a month, try it out. By using the specialized techniques I will be showing you, you can make much more.
  • Will I need to give out my credit card info?

    No. All of the survey companies I will show you are free to join. Be wary of market research firms that charge a fee.
  • Tell me again why you are doing this?

    There is no catch. You get free access to the database of only the best paying survey companies online. I get to work at home and have fun too. The best part is, I am sticking it to all the online "gurus" that bled me dry when I started out years ago. I promise to tell you how to use the full potential of paid surveys.
  • Am I going to get a bunch of spam?

    That won't happen. I will never send you spam. I will never sell or rent your email address to anyone. enforces our Privacy Policy strictly. Many of my competitors will not only spam you, but also sell your information to anyone who will pay. (Read all privacy policies if you must sign-up with any of them).
  • Where do I begin?

    Simply fill out the sign-up form right below. The top paid survey companies are always in need of more paid panelists.

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P.S. This deal won't last long. After my marketing test is complete, I plan to start charging a fee. Sign up now while it's still free!

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